First of all I am not an expert in baked goodies…just a begginer and learner I can say.After buying my muffin tray,I was waiting for months to get a chance to prepare these muffins. Because it was very difficult for me to prepare baking stuffs managing my 11 months boy and concentrating on this. So whenever my mom comes here I spend some time time in trying out baking goods. As usual my  muffins was not that too good initially,but this time I wanted to give something for my sissy,when she came here as a guest….my own preparation. So last but not least I again tried making just for her. Good !!! Finally my own measurement worked out to be turned soft and spongy.


Maida -1/2 cup
Baking soda -1 tsp
Sugar – 1/4 cup
Butter -2 tsp
Cardamom powder -1/4 tsp
Chopped cashews -1 tbsp
Dates -10 to 15
Milk -1/2 cup
Oil /butter to grease


  1. Powder the sugar in a blender,deseed the dates and soak it in 1/4 cup of warm milk for 1 hour.
  2. In a wide bowl,beat the butter, sugar powder,cardamom powder until they get combine together.
  3. Grind the dates to fine paste or little coarse form of your choice. Now add the paste to the sugar mixture and mix well using a beater.
  4. Meanwhile sieve the Maida and baking soda together at least thrice.
  5. Add the sieved flour into the mixed batter in tsp by tsp and mix well in between. Don’t add the while flour and mix.
  6. Also add the fine broken pieces of cashews to get a crunchy taste in between.
  7. The batter should not be too thick or watery,you should prepare the muffin batter in ribbon consistency.
  8. Now grease the muffin cups with butter or oil and pour a tbsp of batter.
  9. Preheat oven to 185°C, set the timer and cook for about 25 -30 minutes in convection mode.
  10. Check with the fork and if you feel sticky, you can still cook for another 10 minutes.

Eggless Dates Muffins


  • When beating the batter do in same direction ie; either clockwise or anti-clockwise to get clean and even batter.
  • While adding the Sieved flour take care to add one tsp by tsp with continuous beating,to avoid forming lumps.
  • You can add any dry fruits of your choice.
  • If you wish you can also add a tsp of coco powder while sieving  the flour,to get a choco flavor in muffins. This step I tried out in 2 muffin cups,it was more tasty.. but I didn’t post that pic as it was only a testing and doesn’t suit the name better.

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