After 6 months of mother feeding we slowly start introducing the solid foods.Here in this place soups take up the place of main food that are introduced first. Though we start initially with veggies, by the 9th month we have to introduce spinach/green leafy vegetables. So palak is always easy to digest when compared with other greens. Spinach provide the carotenoids, antioxidants, iron pump to transport oxygen to the cells.

Ingredients :

Spinach -5 leaves
Jeera -a pinch
Pepper -2-3
Turmeric powder -a pinch
Garlic -1
Curry leaves -few
Mint leaves -1 tsp
Salt as required
Salt if required

Method :

 1. Wash and clean the greens. Add all the shown quantity of ingredients and 2 glass of water. 
 2. Let it boil for about 5-10 minutes,until the greens cook soft.
3. Drain the soup into a bowl and feed the baby. Taste a spoon and then start feeding to check the flavor of spices.

Spinach clear soup

Note :

  • Initially do not add pepper. Introduce pepper after 11 months.
  • Give the soup in clear form at the beginning,then gradually grind and filter the soup.
  • You can also add half tomato when boiling.
  • Also refer baby foods for more infant recipes.

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