Butter fruit/Avocado are rich in health benefiting mono I unsaturated Fatty acid. This fruit is called as aanaikoiya in Tamil. They have nutritional profile similar to edible nuts and seeds. This fruits like banana mature on the tree but ripen after harvesting.they are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber,vitamins,minerals and also Omega-6 fatty acid (reduces bad cholesterol in body thereby controlling heart diseases and maintain a good blood profile). These avocado belong to a pear variety and are rich in potassium. They also act as anti – oxidant/inflammatory/ulcer agent.


Butter fruit -1

Milk -1 glass
Jaggery -3 tbsp
Sugar -2 tsp
Flax seed-1 tsp

To garnish :

Black grapes -3
Flax seeds a few

Method :

  1. Soak flax seeds in water for 1 hour before use.
  2. Cut the fruit in the center, remove out the big seed and then scoop out the attached flesh part using a spoon.
  3. Now add the pulpy part of butter fruit,soaked flaxseed, jaggery,sugar,milk and required water to make it as a fine paste.
  4. Increase water/milk if you feel the smoothy is very thick.
  5. I prepared in thick form to feed my 16 month baby.
  6. Refrigerate and serve chilled with chopped black grapes/raw flax seeds.

Avocado Smoothy

For infants:

Yes.…..Avocado is a fruit and does not require any steaming or cooking before feeding infants/Babies. When feeding infants reduce the jaggery and milk to provide them a complete nutritious butter fruit. 

How to select the Avocado:

The fruit needs to have a dark,green color with a bumpy texture. The fruit should be firm when gently pushed. As stated like bananas they mature in the tree but ripen after harvesting. So use when the skin turn into dark purple color.When sliced half the fruit should have a fresh green color with a buttery yellow shade.
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