My measurement to cook for both of us will always be accurate but sometimes it goes extra. Since I always respect each grain of what we eat,I will never waste any food stuffs in most of the situation. In the case of Idli when goes extra make upma out of it with various combinations. But this morning I was really bored of doing upma all the times. I had two Idlis left over.. Here is the trial version of simple fried idlis which turned out really crispy and awesome. Lets go into the simple recipe to carry over in your kitchen. My son loved it most….:-)

Idlis -2
Red chilli powder -1 tsp
Corn flour -1 tsp
Salt as required
Oil for deep frying
1. Cut the Idli into thick length wise pieces.
2. Add the corn flour, red chilli powder and salt. Mix well until they get dusted all over.
3. Deep fry half the quantity of it into golden brown. This fried idlis are for kids without much spice.
4. Now wet your hands and give a gentle mix such thatthe powders gets applied well over the idlis.
5. Deep fry them in the next batch. This would be little spicy when compared to the previous one.
6. Plate them over a tissue paper to remove any extra oil present. But you do not find more oil absorbed. Serve this crispy idli with Tomato ketchup or Sauce.
Spicy fried Idli with Sauce
  • You can do either of the method, as first one is not spicy where as second one is bit spicy.
  • You can pack the first fried idli for kids and later to tickle your spicy buds.
Crispy Fried Idli


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