Like water salt is an essential ingredient required for human body. Over many decades in our family our ancestors are habit-ed in using the crystal salt in their regular diet and we continue with the same habit in our kitchen. I wanted to learn something about the nutritional fact behind their usage. As you all know the ingredients used by our ancestors will always have a scientific reason behind every use. Stated below is few reason and facts behind the rock salt used in my kitchen.




Crystal salt is what we call as common salt in crystallized form. 

But when concerned with health conscious salt in the name of Rock, Himalayan Rock, Crystal, Common salt, Sea salt and Indhuppu are found to have similar health benefits. These salts tend to change according to places,regions and based on slight color changes. Crystal Salt can also be termed as the unrefined form of original salt taken from the salt production process(Uppalam in Tamil) or Sea salt harvesting.

My experiance of visiting uppalam(Sea salt harvesting) near Thuthukudi district:
  • In India salt is obtained from brine (water containing high concentration of salt). The scientific name of salt is Sodium Chloride and is available in the form of transparent cubic crytals.
  • The land is divided equally (sea water reservoir) and filled with water from bore-wells. This is the place where natural crystallisation process occurs through evaporation.
  • The workers collect the upper salt (crystallsied)layer from the reservoir and water is transfered form one reservoir to other. 
  • Finally after several days the salt is collected in the crystallised form and is taken by the companies for purification/refining process.
  • The crystal salt has very high reflective power and because of the brightness there are labours who has lost thier eye sight.
  • Click here to see a video of salt harvesting
  • The crystallized from of salt is called as “Kalluppu” in Tamil or crystal salt in English.
Refined Salt Vs Crystal Salt
Requirement of salt for human body :

Salt is necessary for normal metabolism,absorption of water,electrical communication between the cells and also for mineral nutrition. Though a normal person consume about 20 gms,kidneys can expel out about 5-6 gms of this salt. The excess amount gets deposited in the arteries,hardening and increasing the blood pressure.

Crystal salt (Sea salt) vs Refined Salt (Table salt):

  •  The most notable difference in both the salt are their texture, taste and processing.
  • Because sea salt is produced through evaporation depending on the soil source they leave behind traces of minerals and elements which adds flavor and color to the salt.
  • Table salt is typically mined from underground salt deposits and are heavily processed which will eliminate the minerals and also contains additives to avoid clumping of salt.
  • Though both the salt found to have the same nutritional value, sea salt is promoted as being healthier.
  • Both has comparable weight of sodium levels where Americans require 2.3 micrograms or if you are black/above 51/older/has high blood pressure,kidney disorders,diabetes daily requirement of 1.5 micrograms is sufficient.

Why crystal salt not the refined salt??
  • It contains minerals and zinc which can improve our bone strength,whereas refined salt does not provide all the required minerals.
  • Refined salt is purified to give a clear appearance and attract consumers.
  • Iodine was first added to salt in America to prevent goiter disease. Probably people cook less at home, to balance the intake of processed food it was recommended iodised salt.
  • Iodine can also be naturally obtained by consuming sea water fishes, dairy products, also vegetables grown in iodine rich soils.
  • But probably nowadays it’s been made compulsory that salts available in market should be ionized as per law. So getting iodine in our diet is not a problem as we get more than our requirement.
  • So I would like to share that by using crystal salt you can get the traces of minerals and zinc in your diet and be behind processed refined salt.
  • People with hormonal imbalance(thyroid), Blood pressure and kidney disorders, pregnant/infant consult a doctor to know about the salt requirement and type of salt that suites your body metabolism.
Refined salt and Crystal Salt
Benefits :
  1. 100% vegetarian
  2. Contains less amount of sodium
  3. Promotes sound sleep
  4. Controls sinusitis and diabetics
  5. Million years old ingredient
  6. Long life
  7. Accepted by doctors
  8. Maintains neutral pH
  9. Improves sexual activity
  10. Makes teeth and gums strong
  11. Makes skin healthy

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