Sundakkai in Tamil is called as the Turkey Berry in English. It is a small tiny vegetable grown usually in house garden which has vital nutritional benefits. This fruit can be consumed/cooked either in the fresh form plucked from the plant or else in dried form. As you all know it is always to take the fresh ones when compared to dried form. This vegetable is really a healthy one which has amazing medicinal benefits and has been used in our traditional cooking over the decades. This can be stored for about 2 weeks when refrigerated.
Very soon coming up with the recipe of making kuzhambu out of it.


Medicinal Facts:
  • It has the abiltiy to kill the germs and acts as medicine for Cold and relieves from Problem related to Chest and stomach.
  • People with staomach ache, Diarrhea, Piles and Tuberculosis can take turkey berry in their regular diet.
  • They also helps in strengthening the Nerves.
  • Consuming turkey berry 4 days in a week helps in controlling the Diabetes.
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I love this vegetable so much and often use in my regular cooking. Initially I found difficult while cleaning, that is I used to break them without using cover. So the water gets sprayed in dresses and vessels nearby with them spoil/dirty.Also they runs away while beating. Here is a small tip to clean…
 Method of Cleaning:
 1. Pluck the Turkey Berry from teh plant, remove the stalk, wash well with water.
 2. Add them in a small plastic cover and smash/beat well with a hard object to break them.
 3. In the same way break all of then and transfer the broken turkey berry in a bowl.
 4. Add sufficient water and wash properly until the seeds are washed off.
 5. Wash at a maximum of 3-4 times until the water is clear.
6. The turkey berry is now clean and is ready for cooking/frying in oil.
  • Do not clean the seeds completely as they gives a soft texture to the vegetable after cooking/frying.
  • If you clean the seeds completely then the outer skin becomes crispy after frying which is not interesting to eat.
  • So just wash the extra seeds.
  • You can find a change in the color of water after cleaning. 


Sundakkai/Turkey Berry


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