When we have to say the most traditional, healthy and nutritional food item of South India, there comes only the idli and no other food stuff can beat over this simple healthy sponges. Idli’s are always safer to feed from infants to elders and when a person is not keeping well. Pediatrician advice to start with idli for infants when introducing solid food initially.As far I come across with my friends North Indians loves idli the most,especially soft idli’s. Making soft idli’s are very simple when you concentrate on the ratio and grinding process.
Ingredients :
Idli rice -4 cups
Urad dal -1 cup
Salt as required

Method :

1. Wash and soak the urad dal and rice separately. Soak for about 6 hours.
 2. First grind the urad dal to get a soft fluffy batter. Do not pour the water,just Sprinkle water and grind urad dal.
 3. Then grind the rice separately. Pour a glass of water and grind the rice to a smooth free flowing batter.
 4. Transfer to a wide mouth vessel, add salt (I use rock salt) and mix well using your palm.
5. Allow it to settle down for fermentation over night or about 8 to 10 hours.Mix the batter well before making idlis and then transfer this to steel container or air tight canisters and refrigerate.
6. Now pour the batter in idli pan,steam it for about 10 minutes to get spongy and soft idli. You can wet the hand and dip the index finger to check whether the idly is cooked. If it is sticky steam for about another 3 minutes.
Soft Spongy Idly

Note :

  • As stated above soak and grind the urad dal and rice separately.If you feel that it is a time consuming process,soak and grind together.
  • For better result of batter use a wet grinder rather using a blender/mixer.
  • As stated sprinkle water for urad and pour water for rice while grinding. Check in between whether the grinder runs smooth.
  • If you wish add a tsp of fenugreek while so asking urad,but it gives a slight change in color of the idly.You can also soak 1/4 cup of poha along with urad dal. This process is the recipe to prepare Vendhaya Idli. I always prefer the above ingredients to get pure white and soft idly.
  • Use your hand/palm to mix the batter for better fermentation.
  • Before making idlys the batter should be completely fluffy after fermentation.
  • If you wish add salt while making idli. But I prefer adding once batter is grinded as I use rock salt/indhuppu.
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