Buttermilk is one of the easily made healthy and cool drink during this summer. Butter milk can be prepared in many varities to quench our thirst but this method of preparing butter milk at times provides you the Calcium (Coriander), Iron (Curry leaves) aids in proper digestion (Ginger) and Jeera (Flush out toxin and refresh our body). Here is the recipe to go with..

Curd -1 cup
Ginger -1 inch
Curry leaves – few
Coriander leaves – 3 tbsp
Chilli -1/2 (purely optional)
Jeera or Jeera powder – 2 pinches
Salt as required 


 1. Grind all the above ingreidents with a tbsp of curd to a fine paste. Beat the remaining curd to form butter milk and mix the paste along with it.
 2. Mix well and strain the buttermilk using a colander to get rid of fine wastes

3. Transfer to a serving glass and can be refrigerated for few minutes before drinking

Green Buttermilk

  • Refrigerating the butter milk is optional. I prefer drinking with its normal chillness.
  • Adding green chilli is purely optional as they cause burning sensation during summer. It is added just for flavor.

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