Sugars are the substances that are added in our food to induce taste. Sugar is called as sucrose and is a carbohydrate which naturally occurs in every fruit and vegetable of plant kingdom. Our taste buds gets naturally addicted to these sugars making a feel that certain food cannot be consumed without their presence by adding a distinct taste to the dishes. There are different varieties of sugars like white sugar,brown sugar and liquid sugars. 

Why jaggery and not sugar?

We often hear from our elders,friends,nutritionist,gym instructors  and dieticians that “Say no to sugar,opt for jaggery “. The sweet white crystals are just loaded with empty calories. During processing they tend to loss all their essential phytonutrients including vitamins and minerals.Studies have shown that use of white sugar in our regular diet induces coronary  heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and dental caries.
Jaggery is the oldest version of sweetener used over centuries. As days passed it got vanished and now the importance  of jaggery started spreading. They do not contain any chemical s or beaches added to it during processing. So it is a healthy better way to opt for jaggery instead of white sugar.

Palm Candy & Palm Jaggery

Appearance :

Good things are not available in good packets and also not clean to look at.Yes……. Jaggery is a dark yellow/brown colored substance which is poured into a mould to bring out the cake shape.They gets stick to our hand and lips while eating. The surface is also not attractive to look at. But only one thing we can believe is that…their enormous health benefits.
The palm sugars are available either as crystals/candies and jaggery.

Health benefits:

  1. Out of all the jaggery,the palm jaggery/Palmyra/date palm jaggery comes in the first place. Rather than just a sweetner they acts as a taste maker and color maker.
  2. They act as a self cleaner that is it cleanses the respiratory tract,food pipe,stomach and intestine by pulling out the dust and unwanted particles.
  3. Because of its high fiber content they gives a good relief from constipation
  4. A little jaggery after a heavy meal aids in digestion by activating the digestive enzymes and by itself changing into acetic acid in stomach for digestion.
  5. They are found to contain 60 times of minerals when compared to white sugar and also rich in iron content,as they are processed in iron vessels.
  6. They contain the complex form of carbohydrate when compared to white sugar and hence digested and absorbed gradually and releases energy in slowly for long time without harming internal organs.
  7. Since they are high in potassium and low in sodium,helps in maintaining proper balance.
  8. They has antioxidant property protecting our body from cell damage.
Its not too late yet……Though we cannot skip completely the white sugar,but we can try to avoid in many cases and start increasing use of jaggery in your regular diet.

Palm jaggery grated using knife to get soft scales

Storage and uses :

  1. The candies/crystal form of palm sugar can be stored just like that in containers.
  2. The jaggery can be grated using a knife and these soft scales/powder can stored which would be easy to use when required.
  3. When using these sugar boil in water first and filter out to remove any impurities if present.
  4. The jaggery in large quantity can be boiled,melted to thick liquid,filtered and refrigerate for future use. This helps in time saving as you do not require filtering in every use.
  5. This can be used in coffee, tea,infant porridge’s, sweetener in curries,juices/smoothies or can be consumed just like that. 
Palm candies and soft scales -Ready to use

☺☺☺☺☺Have a Happy and a Healthy diet……….!!!!!
From wikipedia and health benefits from an article from reliance general health insurance.
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