Hope you would have visited in my previous posts about the method of preparation of Red rice powder to make porridge’s for infants. I also wanted to share with you all a basic recipe,which can be made out of this powder. Posted here is my own idea to prepare for my kid but you can try out by changing the ingredients according to your choice and availability of vegetables and ingredients you want to add in the diet for your baby to grow healthy.

Manathakkali or milagu thakkali keerai is a commonly available green leafy vegetable in the South Indian home. They are highly rich in antioxidant,cures inflammations and mouth ulcers. These greens are called as Black Nightshade in English, Manathakkali in Malayalam,Makoy in hindi,kakkesappu in Kannada.

Ingredients :
Jeera -a pinch
Pepper -2
Garlic -1
Shallot -1
Turmeric powder -a pinch
Ghee -1 tsp
Spinach -few ( I used black nightshade)
Salt required after 1 year

Method :

 1. Heat 2 -3 glass of water and add jeera,pepper, turmeric powder, garlic,shallot,finely chopped spinach. Let it boil until spunbach becomes soft.

 2. Add the red rice powder with continuous stirring to avoid forming lumps.

3. Cook in medium flame until the powder gets cooked. If you require add some more water while cooking.

4. Add a tsp of ghee, allow it to cool down and feed your little ones the yummy,healthy porridge.

Red Rice porridge with spinach

Note :
  • When you are feeding for babies below 14 months,you can filter out after the step 1,when all the ingredients are cooked and then add rice powder.
  • This is because if the babies doesn’t start teething,its difficult to chew the ingredients.
  • Generally salt is preferred to add in baby diet after 1 year ( that too added a pinch)
  • This porridge can be consumed even by aged persons.
  • Also refer baby foods for more infant recipes.

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