Red rice is called as Kerala matta rice which has been using from centuries. Red rice and brown rice are the same variety,but depending on the color after processing they are separated. They both are rich in antioxidants and fiber,but differs in nutrient density. Red rice when consumed helps in weight management and enhances immune system. Brown rice has more nutrient to maintain a healthy weight and good nutrient profile. But choosing the variety purely depends on our choice.

Here I used parboiled red rice to make this powder for babies. Red rice takes long time to get cooked and it will be a time consuming process when preparing for babies. Also we have to concentrate daily in soaking the rice previous night. So this powder helps during immediate requirement.

Ingredient :

Parboiled red rice -1 cup

Method :

Parboiled red rice soaked & Air dried

  1. Wash the rice twice and soak with drinking water for about 10 hours or overnight.
  2. Drain the water completely and allow it to dry in shade to remove the water if present.
  3. Then dry roast the rice in thick kadai/pan For about 15 minutes in low flame.
  4. Allow it to cool and make a fine powder using a blender.
  5. This can be stored in a container to make porridge for infants,diabetes,sick patients.

After grinding in a blender

Red Rice Powder

Note :
  1. Dry roast in pan until the heat gets transferred evenly.
  2. Instead of cooking white rice,this rice provides more nutrient for the infants and elders.
  3. I will soon update with the recipes using this red rice powder for infants.

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