Fresh creams when opened has to be used within a week.We in south Indian kitchen do not use much of fresh creams in our regular menu,so in this case we often have to skip this when preparing most of the North Indian style of gravies. But here is a simple way to make a substitute with available ingredient, Milk layer (paal aadai ). When milk is boiled the soluble milk proteins aggregate to firm a sticky layer on the top called as Milk layer/milk skin. This method of making a substitute for the fresh cream is an idea pinned from a cook show in Podhigai channel.

Ingredients :

Milk layer/milk cream – 2 to 3 tbsp

Method of Preparation :

  1. Take the layer formed on the milk ( milk skin or paal aadai in Tamil ) for about 2-3 taps
  2. Beat nicely with spoon/whisk in blender until they become fine paste. 

Step-wise Pictures for making fresh cream substitute :


IMG_37571. Collect the layer formed on the top of milk

IMG_37642. You can use this collected layer to prepare substitute for fresh cream

IMG_39603. Scoop out one or two tsps of collected milk layer

IMG_39614. Add into the blender/mixer jar

IMG_39655. Beat/Pulse in medium speed

IMG_39666. Add about  2 tbsp of water and grind until smooth paste

IMG_39867. Increase the speed until the cream consistency is reached




  • I use this cream as a substitute in preparing potato butter masala and Rajma gravy regularly.
  • If you have planned for preparing the gravy you can collect previously and refrigerate.
  • We usually put off the flame after adding the fresh cream,but when you are using this substitute add 5 minutes before switch off.
  • This layer of milk collected be stored in refrigerator for about 4-5 days.
  • Use this as a substitute for fresh cream in your dishes.



Milk layer beaten to form cream
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