Fenugreek seed is a readily available ingredient in the Indian kitchen.They has  a strong flavor and a bitter taste and even when used in small amount gives a good flavor.It plays a great part in women’s health increasing the milk production and easy labor. It also reduces cholesterol and good for diabetics. Making Vendhaya Idli in a regular diet controls a better health even for infants and kids as it acts as a coolant and aids in digestion.How it differs from normal idli is by the colour ( a slight brown tint). Idly in any form is generally a safe food but instead of pure white idly I always prefer Vendhaya Idly/fenugreek Idly in health concern.


Rice – 4 cups
Urad dal – 1 cup
Avalaki/Poha/Aval -1 handful
Fenugreek seeds -2 tbsp
Salt as required

Fenugreek seeds
 1.Wash and Soak Urad dal and Aval together, Fenugreek seeds and Rice separately for about 6 hours.

2. In a wet grinder add the soaked Urad dal and Poha, fenugreek seeds. adding castor seed is purely optional. The two seeds which is shown(in the picture) on the stone is the castor seeds.

 3. Grind the dal to a soft and fluffy batter. Do not pour water while grinding Urad dal, just sprinkle water in between grinding.

 3. Once the dal grinded to a smooth batter, drain out in a wide mouth vessel.

 4. Next grind the Rice. Pour sufficient water to grind rice. If you just sprinkle, then it gets tighten while grinding.
 5. When it is grinded to a fine paste Pour into the Urad dal batter.
Mix well adding salt to it and leave it for fermentation for about 8 to 10 hours. I didnt click after fermentation.Refer Soft Idli batter for fermentation picture.

6. Mix the batter well before making Idlis. Now pour the batter in Idli pan and steam for about 10 minutes. You can wet the hand and dip the index finger to check if it is cooked. If it is sticky, steam for another 3 minutes.

7. Serve hot either with Carrot Sambar, chilli chutney or combination of both.
Vendhaya Idli with its side dish

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  • You might feel that we grind urad,fenugreek together and why to soak fenugreek separately????….. because if soaked along with dal the bitterness and color gets imparted with dal which turns the idly more bitter and more brownish tint,which would not be inviting.
  • As stated above soak and grind the urad dal and rice separately.If you feel that it is a time consuming process,soak and grind together.
  • For better result of batter use a wet grinder rather using a blender/mixer.
  • As stated sprinkle water for urad and pour water for rice while grinding. Check in between whether the grinder runs smooth.
  • Use your hand/palm to mix the batter for better fermentation.
  • Before making idlys the batter should be completely fluffy after fermentation.
  • If you wish add salt while making idli. But I prefer adding once batter is grinded as I use rock salt/indhuppu. 
  • Adding Castor seeds is purely optional, because some people are allergic to it.

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