Extracting water out of the dal and keeping aside to use for feeding is a traditional method followed in our place. The dal is cooked in open vessel/pressure cooked with turmeric powder, 2 drops of castor oil or ghee and the water is drained aside to use for making rasam and for infants/ kids instead of adding curd,whenever kids say that the curry/sambar is spicy..
Then the dal is used for making different varieties of sambar of your choice.

Toor Dal – 1/2 cup
Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp
Ghee/Castor oil – 2-3 drops
 1. Wash the dal nicely and add to the boiling water in a vessel. Close the lid.
 2. Add turmeric powder, two drops of ghee or castor oil and let it cook.
 3. Also add a tomato while cooking. Close the lid and cook in medium flame until the dal becomes soft.
4. Extract the water out of  the dal and keep aside. Also take out the tomatoes.
 5. Now mash the dal using a laddle and keep aside. This is used for making Sambar traditionally in our place.
 6. Mash the tomatoes well and remove the outer skin left out in water.
 7. Filter the dal water just with the fine pulp of tomatoes to feed the baby/infants which is healthy and nutritious.
 8. The remaining water is used to prepare rasam traditionally.
 9. This water drained aside is called as dal water which is highly nutritious for infants and babies to grow healthy. Use this water to mix with Soft Idlis or mashed rice.
Extracted Dal water
  • This extracted dal water can be used for infants after the 6 the month of introducing solid food. 
  • This can be taken aside and kept until their 2 years,because this dal water can be used while instead of adding curd,whenever kids say that the curry/sambar is spicy.
  • You can also use a pressure cooker to cook and add a tomato while cooking. 
  • Generally I prefer cooking  dal in vessel to extract water in thick consistency and this is a traditional form of cooking too.
  •  You can replace castor oil with ghee also to get the dal cooked softer and gives good aroma.
  • You can also refer kids corner for more recipes for infants.
Extracted Dal water for Infants

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