Carrot is a Vitamin A rich vegetable which has to be introduced for babies/infants in their right age. Start introducing just with carrot in their 7th month and gradually add in other required ingredients. Babies digestive system are are not hard enough to digest all healthy foods,  so trace out the tiny.soft vegetable and try to cook them up completely and start feeding them to boost up their immunity, energy and eating habits. Keep changing the method of preparation most of the time to get their taste buds introduced to new tastes.
Carrot – 2
Dates – 1
Walnut -1
Badam -1
Water -1/2 cup
 1. Peel off the skin in carrot, wash and cut into halves (length-wise).
 2. Add about 1/2 cup of water and pressure cook for about 2 whistles.
3. Once the pressure is down allow it to cool down adn grind to a fine paste using a blender.
4. Take in small scoops and feed your baby a healthy mix of carrot and dates.
  • Do not add sugar as the dates itself has the required sweetness.
  • Do not finely chop the carrot as they get stayed in sides of the jar with improper grinding.
  • Also avoid using of sugar and salt for infants till their 1 year. Though  you need, use in mild pinches.
  • Initially introduce just the carrot by their 7th month, then start up with dates. 
  • Take care to introduce nuts by their 8th or in 9th month to aid easy digestion.
  • Use this recipe as a replacement instead of food supplement for a meal.
  • Also click the link Baby foods to know more recipes for your babies.
  • This dates mix can be served for adults with a glass of milk and additional sugar with mild hot.
Carrot Dates mix
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