Hibiscus Coffee can be called as a herbal coffee with ingredients of the flower, Dhania & Dry ginger each a having better medicinal values. This recipe I can say is purely of my own creation wherein I started to search for the best ingredients which reduces bile ( what you call as “Pitta” in Siddha and “Pitham” in Tamil). Though Coffee and Tea would be an energy refresher but when consumed often with milk would cause bile. This coffee powder can be a good replacement those who often takes more of Tea or Coffee in a day. 



Medicinal Value / Health Benefit:
Certain herbs have the ability to soothe the liver and gall bladder by reducing inflammation, detoxing, dilating the biliary ducts. Hibiscus is a well known traditional medicine and acts as potent antioxidants for its ability to lower blood pressure. Also dhania/coriander added in the coffee mix gives a better solution for many digestive related problems. Dry ginger powder added here is used to cure the stomach irritation, aids in digestion, cures from cold and when added with jaggery relieves from running nose.
Be cautious while taking herbal tea, when you are pregnant.
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Herbal Substitute beverage
Hibiscus flower (single red variety) – 30 Nos
Coriander seeds – 1/2 cup
Dry ginger – 1 inch size

1. Clean the flower and completely dry in sun. ( Let it dry for 3 to 4 days).

2. Dry roast in medium flame the Coriander seeds and Dry ginger until the aroma comes.

3. Now put off the flame and add the dried Hibiscus flower and mix well so that the mild heat spreads evenly.

4. Allow it to cool down and grind using a blender.

5. Now the herbal coffee powder is ready to use. 

Herbal Coffee powder


  • Remove the stalk of the flower and wash well before drying.
  • If the climate is too hot, the flower can gets dried by 2-3 days only.
  • When the flower becomes crispy, that is the right consistency to grind.
  • I will soon update with the recipe of how to prepare coffee using this powder.
Hibiscus Coffee Powder

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