Preparing carrot dosa in a procedural process is quite long and that would be a time consuming process. You can consider this post as a small tip or even a quick recipe that can be cooked in our daily regular menu. Being a South our regular menu would be dosa/Idly/paniyaram and so on with what we can make use of available batter. This goes well for working women but they also feel to feed something healthy for their family…. here is a simple way to make a healthy dosa using a single batter.


Idli/Dosa batter – 1 bowl
Grated carrot – 3/4 cup
Chopped corainder leaves – 1/2 cup
Idli powder/Idli podi – 3 tbsp
Oil/Ghee as required
Salt as required

1. To the batter add grated carrot and finely chopped coriander.

2. Add little salt and required water and mix well.


 3. Heat Dosa Tawa and make dosa with a laddle of batter, spread ghee/oil and idli powder evenly over it.

4. Let it cook and flip the other side and wait for it to cook.

 5. Serve either with quickle prepared curd side dish | Tomato chutney with ridge gourd | Simple tomato chutney  




Click on the link to know more chutney varieties



  • Keep waiting for more easy, Simple and healthy way of preparing dosa to bring a healthy life style into the family.
  • Because I mostly do not prepare plain dosa, instead add some simple health tips in it.
  • You can also check similar version of making carrot paniyaram with the batter.


  • Add oil to dosa when you prepare curd as side dish for the dosas.
  • Else you can use Ghee/Gingelly oil in health concerns.
  • Intead of Idli powder you can also use Garlic Rice podi/Paruppu podi of your choice.
Carrot Dosa
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