Sprouts are the germinated seeds of any Legumes or grains.Day by day we concern more and more about the health benefits of each ingredient we consume in our regular diet. To balance the the junk foods that we are tend to intake in situations like get together, team lunch, meetings, parties, kids request, bored of cooking and many more…….

To balance this over dosage of calories we have to sometime think about the nutritional foods that would be devoid of tasty :( The first and foremost food that are low in calories and high in nutrition which takes place in “weight loss” is for sure “SPROUTS“.

Health Benefits:
  • Richest source of Protein, Vitamins and anti oxidants.
  • Provides high amount f energy.
  • Low in Calories and hence helps in weight reduction.
  • Sprouts free from Sodium,helps to regulate blood pressure levels.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol levels in body and in turn reduces heart stokes too.
  • Increases digestion,helping to flush out the toxins and impurities from blood.
  • Gives the skin a healthy glow.
Sprouts Says…I am Healthy!!

How to use in Regular Diet:
  • Most of us try to take the sprouts as their morning breakfast, few add in Salads,evening snack and many. 
  • Sprouts can be added at least a tbsp in any of the regular dishes we make, in such a way that it doesn’t spoil the original flavor of any dish your prepare.
  • With the proverb in mind ” A Drop makes a mighty Ocean” take care to introduce the sprouts at least in a countable form in your kids diet. Either smash and add,grind as a paste or add it raw or even boil for while and then add.
  • You can add while making any stuffing, sandwiches, dosa, chapati, curry, Dal, gravies and many more.
  • Try to make at least one batch of homemade sprouts in a week.
  • Like we grind dosa batter and store try to make it as a habit in sprouting cereals.
Sprouts Recipes :



Green Gram/full Moong Dal – 1 cup
Cotton cloth
Airtight box 


 1. Wash and soak the green gram for overnight or about 12 hours.

 2. Drain the water next morning and add on the cloth.

 3. Hold the grains together with the cloth, twist and make a tight fold. (Let the cloth be wet outside)

 4. Place in a steel container/carry box and close the lid tightly and set aside for about 12 hours.

5.When you open the tied cloth you can find the grains germinated little.

6. Place it a air tight container and store in refrigerator for about 3 days.

 7. Even after 2 days the sprouted grain looks fresh. Use a tsp in your regular diet and again refrigerate.

Sprouted Green Gram


  • Any type of grains (Channa/Chickpea, Pea,horse gram,can be sprouted and stored.
  • If you soak at night then tie up next day morning and by evening the grains would have germinated.
  • Wash and soak the green gram to avoid washing the before using.

Sprouted Green Gram Dal

Click here for the sprout recipe.

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