Milk shake is always a very simple recipe which can be made with a blending of any fruits. So seasonal fruit of this month….”Mango” can never escape from blending into a milkshake in any of the kitchen. I made a Lassi for my sissy..(but couldn’t click clearly, so will post when next batch prepared) but I am not much fond of Lassi when compared to Milkshake. So here is a simple milkshake to fill the  taste.Though the recipe is a well known for all sharing this post to recall the time we spent and (Me and Pammi :-)) clicked these pictures when we are about to start for new sweet trial. :-( sweet didn’t turn out perfect.yet to try again.


Mango – 1 (choose mangoes which are sweet and not fibrous)
Sugar – 3 tbsp
Cold Milk – 1 cup
Ice cubes – 2
Honey – 1 tbsp (optional) 
Cardamom powder – 2 pinches


  1. Peel off the skin of mangoes and cut them in cubes.
  2. First blend the mangoes along with sugar to a smooth paste then add milk, ice cubes and give a quick pulse to mix evenly.
  3. After adding milk do not blend more.
  4. Transfer to a serving glass,mix in cardamom powder and serve chilled.

Mango Milk Shake

  • Take care to blend the mangoes, sugar and then add in the milk.
  • You can also replace white sugar with palm jaggery in concern with health benefits.
  • When using palm jaggery, dissolve it in boiling water, filter out for any dust particles and then mix in with milk shake. This gives a very mild and fine taste too.
  • Honey is also added in health concern. Replacing honey tastes good too..but economical milk shakes doesn’t support replacing :) but can be added a spoon.
Milk shake Mangoes
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