Spinach gravy posted here is a traditional method which can be used to prepare any type of greens whether you get from fields as weeds (Mulai keerai/amaranthus blitum/edible amaranth) or from market in the name of arakeerai (spleen amaranth), sirukeerai (Tropical amaranth), Pasalai keerai (Palak),….and many more. As we all know spinach /greens are generally richest source of Vitamin C, A and folate and are also the complementary source of B-Complex vitamins.
Spinach of any variety – 1 basket full
Green chilli – 1 or 2
Coconut oil/ghee/Cooking oil -2 tsp
Shallots – 6
Salt as required
 1. I used Mulai keerai(grown as weed) Wash and clean the spinach well to remove the pale leaves and worms if any under the leaves.
 2. Add about 2 glass of water and cook the spinach and chilli soft by closing the lid and drain out the excess water ( do not chop the greens)
 3. Allow it to cool down and transfer to a mixer jar, add salt and grind to a coarse paste.
4. Heat oil or ghee in a tadka pan and fry the finely chopped shallots. Let it half cooked/fried.
 5. Add the fried onions into the grinded spinach in wide open vessel.
6. Now smash the shallots along with spinach well using a wooden laddle till they gets blended together.
 7. Transfer to a serving bowl, and serve with hot rice, which tastes awesome.
Spinach plain Gravy    
  • Do not add more water while cooking to avoid draining out the water before cooking in Step 2.
  • Do not grind to a very fine paste. If possible you can smash even using laddle instead grinding. Because I am not expert in smashing using a laddle I used mixer/blender.
  • You can use normal cooking oil also to fry shallots and add a tsp of ghee over hot rice while eating.
  • You can also skip adding onions/shallots if you prefer. Even that tastes yumm…
  • Add green chillies is according to your spice requirement.
  • You can avoid chillies and cook these greens for your little ones by their 10th month after birth.
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