Sprouts are one among the richest source of protein foods which provides plenty of nutritional benefits. I have mentioned in my earlier posts about the ” Health benefits of Sprouts “. Here I have posted a very very simple simple recipe which I learned from one of my sisters friend Yuvarani. She was working for an IT firm and in thier busy schedule she always carries in her box this pepper sauted sprouts for her snack. This recipe of sprouts is spicy, tangy, yummy and also healthy to eat.Thanks aka for this simple recipe.

Onion – 1
Pepper powder – 2 tsp
Lemon juice – 1 tsp
Oil – 1 tsp
Salt as required
1. Take aside and keep all the required ingredients along with the sprouts.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add finely chopped onions and saute for a while.
3. Add in the pepper powder, turmeric powder,lemon juice and salt and saute for a minute.
4. Now add in the sprouted green gram/moong and stir well.
5. Reduce the flame to simmer and keep stirring well taking care not to get burnt. Cook for about 5 minutes. That is all….the recipe is done.
6. Now transfer to a serving bowl or in your snack cup and carry the healthy snack for your hungry break.
Pepper saute green gram      
  •  Do not pre-boil or cook the sprouted gram as they become soggy and lose its original taste.
  • adding of pepper and lemon juice can be adjusted according to our requirement.
  • This can provide a healthy supplement even for pregnant women.
  • Do not required to cook the sprout for long time.
  • I used the small variety of green gram for sprouting. you can also use the hybrid one and they gets cooked faster. 

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