I usually never prefer boiling or steaming the fruits when served for infants or kids. Instead saying this as a big recipe to note down, I can say in short as a small tip for following when feeding apple for kids above one year. For infants below one year I will post a simple tip to feed babies just like that in natural form.

Health Benefits:
  • “An apple a Day” as the old saying goes.. apples are indeed a wonder fruit introduced as first food for your babies after their 6th month. 
  • The major health benefit is it contain both Soluble and Insoluble fibers.
  • Helps in maintaining bowel regularity and helps preventing constipation.
  •  Apples are safe and simple to feed for babies because they are easy to prepare, easy to digest and are full of nutrients.
  • Apples tastes good when baked else in steamed form to retain most of their nutrients.
  • Boiling with sufficient quantity of water is also preferable.
  • Apple should be peeled for babies below 9 months to avoid tummy upsets.
APPY….. Am Happy :) :)


  • Nuts are excellent source for our health and are highly nutritious.
  • Apart from protein nuts contain various trace elements and anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, Selenium.
  • Nuts are heart friendly as they contain good cholesterol.
  • Though variety of nuts are available I prefer feeding cashews, Almond and pistachios and Walnut for babies/Infants.
  • But when choosy with apple I prefer cashew and pistachios as they retain the taste of apple.


Apple – 1
Cashew – 2
Pistachios – 2
Milk – 2 tsp

1. Soak cashews and pistachios for about 1/2 an hour before grinding.
2. Chop the apple and grind with soaked nuts.

 3. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and add the milk into mixer jar, rinse and add to the puree (to avoid wastage of apple puree)

Apple Nuts puree


  • Do not add sugar all the time when feeding for infants /babies as the fruit by nature has its own sweetness.
  • Avoid white sugar in all cases. Instead use Palm sugar/ Jaggery
  • You can also use almonds but requires long duration of soaking.
  • I prefer cashews and pistachios as they get soaked faster even added 1/2 an hour before grinding.
Healthy Apple and Nuts

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