The recipe is similar to my previous post Carrot halwa. The only difference is variation in the proportion of the ingredients, whereas the ingredients are same. However paal/milk Khova would be all time favorite when comes to choice of sweet because of its thick, crunchy and condensed granule form of milk. Then I felt why cant I try at home.

With a health conscious thought of trying with adding carrot. Khova is a dairy product which is made of either dried whole milk or milk thickened by heating in a open iron pan.

I have used the khova as a thickening agent in the previous recipe of carrot halwa.



Milk – 500 ml
Carrot – 400gm
Khova – 300 gms (unsweetened)
Sugar – 200 gms
Cardamom powder -2 pinches for flavor

Readily Available khova in super markets

 1. Peel off the skin and grate the carrot. In a thick pan add milk and grated carrot and cook in low flame.

2. Give a fine stir/mix in between to avoid getting stick to the pan.

3. The carrot will get cooked completely in milk and in this stage raw smell of carrot completely goes off.

4. Keep stirring at this stage until milk vanish completely (as shown in pic)

5. Add Sugar.

6. Sugar tend to leave out water. So keep stirring.

7. Meanwhile thaw carrot before use. Thawing refers to bringing the khova to room temperature and smash.

8. When the water content is completely dried off add the khova and keep stirring.

9. When the khova gets blended with carrot and become thick like paal/milk khova consistency put off the flame.


  • I have used the khova readily available in the market. You can also use the home made khova.
  • Use a thick bottom kadai to avoid getting burnt.
  • The recipe takes about complete 2 hours to get ready.
  • Cook only in lowest flame to gets blended taste.
  • You can also reduce the quantity of carrot and increase Khova.

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