I am not much fond on Mochai ,because I don’t like the smell :( but with health concern I select buying all types of grains at periodically. There was one box full dried Lima beans (Mochai) lying in my container for about months even after cooking at times. Then I felt why cant I try out to cook this grain with added spices and masalas to give a fine aroma.

This recipe is really simple like making other kuzhmabu varieties instead need care about adding few spices in addition which adds taste to the curry.


Dried Mochai /  Lima beans – 1/2 cup
Onion – 1
Tomato -1
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder -1/4 tsp
Mustard – 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves – few
Coriander leaves – 2 tsp
Crystal Salt – 1 tbsp
Oil – 1 tsp

To fry and grind:
Pearl Onion/Shallot – 1/2 cup
Dry red chilli -2
Fennel seed / Sombu – 1 tsp
Coriander seeds / Dhania – 4 tsp
Clove – 1
Cinnamon – 2
Coconut – 3/4 cup
Oil – 2 tbsp

1. Pressure cook dried Mochai / Lima beans with Salt, Turmeric powder (1/4 tsp) and Chilli powder.
 2. Heat oil in a pan, fry the pearl onion/Shallots.
 3. Add dry red chilli, Cinnamon, Clove and Fennel seeds and saute.
 4. Add the coriander seeds and fry well.
 5. When shallots are fried translucent add the grated coconut and fry until aroma comes. Allow it to cool down and grind to a fine paste.

 6. Meanwhile heat oil in vessel/kadai add mustard, sliced onion,curry leaves and fry.

7. Then add the chopped tomatoes and fry until mushy.

 8. Now add cooked beans and grind ed paste.
 9. Then add and remaining turmeric powder, salt and water. Cover the lid and boil for about 10 minutes in medium flame.
 10. When you find the righr consistency of kuzhambu, put off the flame and garnish with coriander leaves.
 11. Transfer to serving bowl and serve hot with Idli,Dosa and Rice.

Mochai Kuzhmabu

  • This Kuzhambu pairs well with Idli, dosa and can also be served with Rice too.
  • You can also use fresh field beans to prepare this curry.
  • The same recipe can be used to prepare other legume varieties (Karamani, chickpea, black-eyed pea, cow pea…)
  • Dried ones are easily availble in market and can be stored.
  • Always prefer to use rock salt in your cooking in concern with health conscious
Mochai Kuzhmabu


*Do not get confused with the name of beans as Mochai can be called as Lima bean/Field bean/Hyacinth bean/Lablab bean*

*Botanical Name of Mochai variety what I have used is Dolichos lablab (botanical name)*

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