Basically we all know about the health benefits of eating banana….a household favorite,which has woven itself deeply into human affairs,both gut and mental levels. Like banana is a starch-rich fruit, banana stem also has wide range of medicinal properties in suppressing the oxalate kidney stones. This method of squeezing out water from banana stem is very simple it can be followed whenever we are cutting/chopping banana stem for any of the recipes in kitchen.I do follow this tip to retain the original color of the stem preventing from getting black when exposed to air.

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Health Benefits:
  1. Kidney Stone: The water extract of banana stem has been found to suppress the formation of Oxalate-associated kidney stones.
  2. Detoxify the body: Banana stem naturally helps to detoxify the impurities present in the human body.
  3. Ease Constipation: They are the richest source of Fiber and helps in weight loss by creating a feeling of satiation and reducing the intake of food.
  4. Banana Stem is rich in Potassium and Vitamin B6 ( helps in the production of Hemoglobin and insulin)
  5. Anti-Diabetic : As vitamin B6 helps in production of insulin,it acts as an excellent remedy for diabetics thereby controlling the raise in blood sugar levels.
  6. Diuretic : Banana stem is beneficial to health according to Ayurveda and because of its diuretic properties helps to prevent urinary tract infections.
  7. It also helps to improve the ability of the body to fight against infections.
Ready to serve
Banana/Plantain stem – How much you have chopped to make your dish
Curd – 3 tsp
Salt – a pinch
Water – 1/4 glass (or just to sprinkle)
 1. Get ready with the curd in a bowl and plantain stem.
 2. Chop the plantain stem into very fine pieces.
 3. Once chopped immediately add into the bowl of curd and give a quick toss.
 4. Once you finish chopping the stem completely, transfer the contents to a wide bowl and mix well adding salt. You can either add water or just sprinkle of your choice.
 5. Leave it for 5 minutes and then squeeze out the water completely and drain the chopped stem aside. 
 6.The chopped stem can be used to make stir fry.
 7. The water can be given to the gents at home which is really healthy as Kidney stone problem is very common among male subjects.

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Plantain stem juice
  •  Adding of water is just to get the curd mixed evenly and to get adequate quantity of the water to drink .
  • This instruction is followed mainly for the stem to retain its color without getting dark when exposed to air.
  • You can also make a juice out of plantain stem and serve which is a better health related concern.
  • Also adding curd acts as a natural coolant.
Banana stem water
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