Grapes are rich in flavanoids and act as anti-oxidants, by reducing the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) relax blood vessels thereby preventing heart related problems. Red grapes variety provide more of anti-oxidants and has more of Reversterol (known for anti-aging) where as green grapes has Catechins (helps to eradicate anti- inflammation) . So mixing both the variety helps to get you required benefits:-) Its just a small tip which I follow when I feed grapes for my son during travel or even at home. So just wanted to share with you, hope it might be useful for someone.


  1. Easy to carry and feed during travel
  2. Makes simple for kids to eat on their own.
  3. Avoid swallowing of grapes (when given whole)
  4. Looks Attractive and different for kids.
  5. You can also use a tooth pick or fork to eat


 1. Remove the grapes,wash well with water and crystal salt, drain out and store in container.

 2. Whenever you want just cut into thin/medium slices using knife.

 3. Serve in a small cup or bowl.

  • If the outer skin is too thick,you can also peel off the skin (using hand) and remove the seeds using tooth pick and cut into small pieces when feeding for babies if they couldn’t chew/dislike the skin.
  • Washing the grapes with salt is to clean of pesticides if any. You can also soak with pinch of turmeric powder and then wash.

:) :) Happy click

Time I turned back to take the camera,he came running and picked few to eat… ,so just loved this click …. :-)

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