The word fever is termed when our body exceeds the normal body temperature which is caused by wide variety of illness. A normal body temperature varies in each individual and also depending on weather. The baseline is 98.6 F. Fever is usually caused by pyrogens (fever producing substance which includes bacteria, virus,fungi, drugs,toxins)
Normally fever persists for about a day or two, exceeding more than that is said to be high grade or chronic fever. 

  • So during that time the digestive system has a obstacles in doing its normal function : ) 
  • So traditionally we always prepare Kanji(porridge) using Rice/ Rava/ Barley which is prepared with plenty of water and so easily digested.
  • This recipe is a simple way of preparing porridge using rice and dal. 
  • I also believe that urinating more during fever can considerably bring down the fever. 
  • So kanji is one of the simple and easily digestible food preferred in our family for the one under medication.
Rice – 50 gms
Moong dal / Paasi paruppu – 25 gms
Salt – 1 tsp
Water – 1 litre
 1. Grind rice and moong dal to a coarse powder
 2. boil half litre of water in a vessel.
 3. Add the powder and simmer the flame.
 4. Cook well by mixing with a spoon or laddle.
 5. Check for water consistency, if its low add 1 cup of boiled water.
 6. Check whether the rice and dal is cooked.
 7. Once it is cooked put off the flame.
8. Transfer to a bowl and keep. At the time of serving add 2 cups of boiled water, salt and drink in watery consistency.
Thick Rice Porridge
  • I did not click picture after adding water before drinking. So just posted the thick form of porridge.
  • Do not add any other dal feeling it as health concern, because only moong dal is only easily digestible when compared to other dals.
  • Its kids friendly and also safe for feeding infants and babies along with little dal water
  • Use half water first and then add remaining water at later stage. You can adjust water according to your required consistency.
  • Click the link to know about preparing Red Rice powder for making porridge

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