This a basic tip that can be followed whenever we buy curry leaves and coriander leaves for our daily use. Washing curry leaves before seasoning makes the oil splatter out and is one mesh job in cleaning the stove also sometimes it comes on hand. Curry leaves, Coriander leaves and Green chillies are one among daily usages and so I always buy for a week use and store it.
  • Stays long when cleaned and stored.
  • Reduces the spoilage of leaves.
  • Avoids oil splatter while frying/seasoning
  • Need not require to wipe hand after every wash of leaves during cooking
  • Look neat and clean when stored
  • Check for insects or dirt any under the leaves leisurely, when done in weekends.
  • Saves time during cooking.
 1. Remove black dots if any under the leaves, Black criss cross lines on the top of leaves and wash well.
 2. Drain the water out completely.
 3. Cut off the root, remove the leaves which are smudged, take off yellow and pale leaves.
 4. Like curry leaves wash well in water until no sand particles are found and drain out water.
 5. Spread wide on both sides using a newspaper. Leave for about half an hour.
 6. Transfer to an air tight container of your choice.
 7. Store it for about 10 days.
Curry leaves & Coriander leaves  
  • You can also air dry until there are no water particles, if you find any, wrap the leaves in clean cloth and give a gentle press to remove any water particles.
  • Use a wide pan to wash the leaves
  • If you find any sand particles down the vessel,wash the leaves again.
  • My Curry leaves were fresh for about 15 days and coriander leaves (10 days)
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