“Don’t Bin left over Food its better for you second time around” is a wonderful statement from Mail Online. According to the research in American Society, the left-over rice or a day old food is found to have surprising health benefits. This is a traditionally followed method over decades in the villages to prevent wastage of food and to stay fit. Though it was followed those days without any particular reason behind this method of reusing the left over has enormous health benefits and is proved.

True factors behind a day old food:
  •  Chilled rice contains about 60 per cent fewer calories than just cooked.
  • Scientists have proved out with several experiments about the amzaing health benefits and the surprising chemical reaction that takes place when food is left over night.
  • “The healthier your stomach,the stronger is your health”. Yes.. this helps to clean your stomach to improve digetsion by secreting strong digestive enzymes.
  • Top from the glowing skin to slimmer waists the old food proves to be so good.
  • The starch content in the rice changes when it is heated and cooled.
  • Eating Cooked Rice : 
Here the starch gets converted in to Sugar –> Glucose –> stored as Fat which is not burnt off,instead it gets accumulated in the body
  • Eating Chilled Rice : 
Here the starch gets converted into Resistant starch, which the body cannot digest (means not included in calorie count). Resistant starch functions like soluble fibers.
How to prepare
Cooked Rice – 1 cup
Water – to be added above the rice level
Shallots / Pearl onion – 4 to 5
Green chilli (optional) -1 
Curd/Buttermilk – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
 1. Either pressure cook or take a cup left over rice and add water little above the rice. Allow it to stand for about 12 hours or over night.
 2. Now smash it well until no rice is visible separate. To this add finely chopped shallots and chillies.
 3. Then add curd and salt.
4. Mix well to prepare a healthy morning diet.
  • Take care while cooking the rice because the rice should be soft/cooked properly to prepare this.
  •  You can also add a drop of coconut oil while cooking rice,because coconut oil stops the cold rice from sticking together.
  • Adding chilli is purely optional.
  • Reheating the rice can lead to food poisoning
Health Benefits:
  • Increases the body immunity
  • Increases white blood cells levels
  • Reduces the body tiredness
  • Prevents cell damage in the body
  • Reduces body heat
  • Keeps mind and body fresh and rejuvenate
  • Helps to clean off the stomach impurities.


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