“Kesar Milk Masala” I bought this box thinking as kesar/Saffron. But when I opened found like a creamy white powder form which can be used in preparing milk shakes, Kheer,Kulfis and many more. The small box contains about only  2-3 tbsp of powder which we will not buy all the time. Was thinking why cant I prepare and store this for regular use.
I felt good in preparing storing because it contains nutmeg,mace,saffron and cardamom which are the wonderful spices loaded with plenty of health benefits. Also I am regular user of carrot in making Kheer. So this would be a better way I hope… :-)
Cashews – 10
Badam/Almonds -20
Pistachios – 20
Nutmug / Jaadhikai – 2 pinches in powder form
Mace / Javithri – half strand
Cardamom – 3 pods
Saffron/Kesar – 10 pieces
 1. Set all your ingredients ready as shown in picture.
 2. Grate the Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios and nutmeg (give just two scraps)
 3.Take out the grater and collect the residues (big pieces of nuts) left behind.
 4. Take out one strand from mace(javithri) and take out seeds from cardamom as shown.
 5. Finely chop the mace and add into the mixer.
6.Also add cardamom seeds, Saffron(kesar) and the residues of grated nuts.
7. Grind to a fine powder.
 8. Add into the finely grated nuts powder.
 9. Mix well until even.
 10. Store in an airtight container and refrigerate for future use. 
This recipe of preparing nuts powder is used in making Carrot Kheer
  •  This can be used while preparing Kheer, Kulfi, Ice creams and many more..
  • You can also add this to milk as kids drink at-least weekly twice.
  • Nutmeg is usually added in pinches, so do not grate more as it changes the odor and flavor of milk masala.
  • Nutmeg increases Serotonin hormone levels and promotes a good sleep.
  • Be careful while grating as it may hurt your fingers :-(
  • Do not grind the whole ingredients in blender as it becomes like paste form(because the nuts contain oil content which makes them thick)
  • So grind only the residues left back to get fine powder of it.
  • You can also roast cashews in medium hot kadai before to get rid of the moisture content in cashews which gives you a crispy powder.
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