This recipe was totally a new one when I came to know initially. Whole wheat contains the complete nutrition compared to atta flour. This was first tried by my friend cum sis Karthika where she told that it came out really excellent and perfectly tasty too.. I am totally against wheat dosa made from atta/wheat flour but this recipe has totally driven me into the side.

Ingredients :

Whole wheat – 200 gms
Urad dal batter – 2 handful (I usually take the this while grinding for idli batter)
Salt – 1 tbsp


 1. Measure the whole wheat.

 2. Wash well in water.

 3. Soak for about 8 hours or overnight.

4. Grind using a wet grinder.

 5. Sprinkle adequate water in between the process and grind until smooth.

 6. Take out the batter and keep aside. (Do not be panic if the consistency is elastic)

 7. Next step I grind urad dal for making Idli batter. (From this we have to take 2 handful as stated in ingredient)

 8. Take the urad dal batter into the wheat batter and mix well nicely.

 9. The batter consistency would be normal flowing.

 10. Heat a dosa tawa and spread the dosa with a spoon of batter.

 11. Flip other side too and let it cook.

 12. Serve with any Kuzhambu/Curry varieties which would be a suitable combination.

Click here for Side dish varieties

Whole Wheat Dosa

Note :
  •  I usually gring so to get additonal ingredient in diet also in one shot I can finish of cleaning my grinder :)
  • If you wanted to grind only for wheat dosa, Just wash 1/4 cup of urad dal and add to the grinder along with wheat.
  • This batter does not require nay fermentation so your dosa batter is ready once you finished grinding.s
  • Its more healthy and tasty too… This dosa doesn’t get dry soon.
Whole Wheat Dosa
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