Homemade butter will be my best choice always specially for its great aroma and flavor. Though we get ready made butter in shops, try these simple steps at our home to prepare your special cup of real butter. Here I have used the green color Nandhini (like aavin in Coimbatore) milk. Though we get blue,green and orange color packet(differentiated based on their fat content), I prefer the medium one.


Ingredient :

Milk layer/ Thick milk cream – 1 cup collected


Wooden Churner (optional)


Method  of Preparation:

IMG_37561. Boil the milk and allow to cool down. Thick layer will be formed as shown.

IMG_37572. Collect the milk layer/cream formed on the top by taking from one side to other using a spoon

IMG_37623. Transfer into a bowl and refrigerate

IMG_37644. Collect 1 cup of the milk layer in the same method and refrigerate.You can collect the layers maximum of one week for the better aroma

IMG_40215. Transfer the cream into a blender/mixer and add about 2 cup of water and tightly cover the lid.

IMG_40246. Beat the cream moderately at high speed until it holds a soft peak. Increase speed to high and beat until mixture separates into thick, pale-yellow butter and thin, liquid buttermilk, about 5 minutes more.

IMG_40907. You can also then transfer the content into a wide vessel and churn using a wooden churner

IMG_41008. As stated in step 6, you can churn until mixture separates into thick, pale-yellow butter on top separating thin, liquid buttermilk

IMG_41029. Pool the thick butter formed

IMG_410510. Transfer the butter into a bowl containing water reserving the butter milk

IMG_410811.Roll into logs and transfer into a container/airtight container

IMG_412112. Refrigerate and can be stored for about a month


Note :

  • You can also add a tsp of salt and knead the butter before storing in an airtight container.
  • This tastes similar to salted butter,which goes well with sandwiches and  serves as bread spread too
  • After rolling into smaller balls you can also refrigerate and then transfer to the bowl ( This is how I used to take my picture showing hard balls)
  • You can just extract the thick,creamy butter just using a blender/mixer instead using wooden churner.
  • But I used both as shown in step 6 and 8



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