Kesari is one of the simple sweet recipe which can be prepared at all occasions. Also this recipe of making kesari using vermicelli/Semiya does not require much of ghee like other kesari recipes. I here used the roasted variety of vermicelli, you can also use the plain/normal one too,but you need additional few minutes to roast golden brown and evenly.


Ingredients :

Vermicelli / Semiya – 1 cup

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Water – 1 and half cup

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Cashews – 5-6

Raisin –  few

Ghee- 3 tsp

Food color (orange ) – a pinch


Method of Preparation :

  1. Roast cashews+raisin in a tsp of ghee.
  2. In same pan roast vermicelli until golden brown, add water and cook soft.
  3. Add in sugar,mix well and cook + diluted food color
  4. Add roasted cashews and raisin, tsp of ghee and cardamom powder.
  5. Serve hot

Stepwise picture of Semiya Kesari :

IMG_49001. Heat a Pan, add a tsp of ghee.

IMG_49032. Add the cashews and fry olden brown in low flame.

IMG_49093. Add in raisins and fry golden brown. Drain and keep it aside.

IMG_49104. Add a tsp of ghee and slightly roast the vermicelli

IMG_49125. Fry in low flame until you feel mild aroma when roasting.

IMG_49156. Add in water

IMG_49217. Let it cook until soft by absorbing water completley

IMG_49238. Add in Sugar

IMG_49269. Sugar tends to leave water while cooking

IMG_492910. When the water reduces by half the quantity add in the food color dissolved in water.

IMG_493111. Mix well evenly and let it cook until water evaporates completely

IMG_493412. Add in roasted cashews and raisins

IMG_493613. Also a tsp of remaining ghee

IMG_493814. Mix well and sprinkle in cardamom powder

IMG_494215. Give a gentle stir for about a minute and put off the flame.

IMG_494516. Transfer into a serving bowl

Note :

  • Roasting of vermicelli depends on the variety you use (available in thin variety,roasted, thick non roasted)
  • Water content varies depending on variety of vermicelli we use. You can adjust water accordingly.
  • Sugar can  also be adjusted depending on your preference. I prefer medium sweetness.
  • You can also crush whole cardamom using a tsp of sugar and add. I used the powder made using the seeds as I always store.
  • Take care to add sugar after the vermicelli is cooked,else they tend to become rubbery/harden/thick.
  • Serve hot for a fine taste.


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