Bitter gourd recipes are always an inviting vegetable in my family. So once in a while or weekly once I prefer to cook this vegetable either in gravy form or stir fries. We also make curry/kuzhambu using tamarind which is a traditional recipe in South India. Previously I have posted my MIL recipe and as stated I have posted my simple version of bitter gourd fry which goes excellent with all South Indian dishes , specially with curd rice or rice and buttermilk.







Ingredients :


Bitter gourd – 2

Chilli powder – 3/4 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp

Oil – 1 tbsp


Method of Preparation :

  1. Wash, cut, De-seed the bitter gourd and finely chop.
  2. Heat oil + Add chopped bitter gourd and fry.
  3. Cover and cook in low flame and stir in between.
  4. When half cooked add salt and spice powder. Mix,cover and cook
  5. It takes about 1/2 an hour to fry completely
  6. Serve crispy fry bitter gourd.

Step-wise Preparation of Bitter gourd fry :


  1. Wash, cut and De-seed the bitter gourd


2. Finely chop them

3. Heat Oil in thick / Iron kadaiIMG_5835

4. Add bittergourdIMG_5836

5. Cover and cook. Stir inbetweenIMG_5837

6. When half coked add salt and spice powdersIMG_5838

7. Mix and cover againIMG_6179-2500x1875

8. Let it fry crispyIMG_5839

9. Transfer to plateIMG_5856


  • It takes about 30-40 minutes for complete frying process in low flame.
  • Add salt and spice powder when half cooked.
  • Do not fry too crispy as it will give burnt taste.



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