I am Malathi Ganesh,creator and writer of this cooking blog. I am from Coimbatore and moved to Bangalore after my marriage.Being a Life science graduate I was working in Clinical Research industry and now have to give up my career as a working women and take up the role of housewife to take care of my little one.

Hailing from a small village I usually love to observe, learn and research on scientific reason behind every traditional belief and procedure of cooking. On other side being a life science graduate I love to explore myself to know more about the medicinal properties and health benefits behind every ingredient we use in the kitchen.

Journey of blogging :

Though working in a Clinical industry with a satisfactory job, when it comes to role of mother, I had to give up my job and take up complete responsibility. In same way sitting idol at home is too hard for me and was confused what’s next?? There my better half suggested to travel along with my passion of cooking through blogging,without him which I could have never thought of word blogging. But he couldn’t find time to lend me a supportive hand to create a website. I mailed nearly 5-6 bloggers seeking for guide how to start. I got reply from Sharmila of “sharmispassions” and later from Raji of “rakskitchen”. Both have me a hint to start either with Blogspot/WordPress. There I sat down in the new year day of 2013 to learn through google how to design a website.I had hard times to manage my son all alone,blogging and traveling often.So took break for quite sometime and again continued. I was writing my content in Blogspot and in Nov2015 with the help of my friend registered my domain.

My other blogs :

Though am a non-vegetarian, to make vegetarians comfortable visitng into my space I do share non-vegetarian recipes through www.nonvegcorner.blogspot.in

Why Cookingcrest?

The term “crest” is from Latin word meaning “Top of anything”. Wherever we are and whatever we do cooking a lovely food is our top most priority in our regular lifestyle. I have a strong believe that Food is visible God and stick on to healthy cooking. There i loved to name my space as  ” Cookingcrest – Aroma of Indian Spices “

Content of my Website :

Through this blog I wish to give you all a healthy, nutritious,quick and simple recipes along with baby foods from the tradition of Aromatic Indian Flavors for all age groups.The recipes posted here are mostly of traditional and village origin recipes of Coimbatore and Indian style of cuisines. The recipes posted here are collective from my Mom, Mother in law, Friends, Readers,Internet and books….. Most of the Recipes posted/ shared in my page is of my own style to make the dishes healthy and cooking Simple.

Gratitude from my part:

Yes!! I have to definitely do that.Thanks to my blog….. Yes sometimes when I try out a recipe it comes perfect and next time if I wanted to do the same, I would have lost the proportion or lost my papers. So my blog is helping me a lot to save my collections for ever. No pen, No paper, No losing of recipes and No confusion, because I have stepwise pictures too:) :)

Behind my pictures: 

Initially I used 7 MP Sony Cyber-shot. Cooking and Clicking all alone was difficult sometimes with my little one….but by now can manage a little. My photographs would not be professional so please do not mind and proceed ahead with the method of preparation,enjoy the taste and health benefits of every count of ingredient.The outcomes posted here are just the original version :):):) yes…I don’t use any tools to edit any of my pictures posted here. Just clicked and shared to feel the originality. From 2015 I use Canon 12.1 MP camera to shoot my pictures.

Contact me :

You can mail your queries and suggestions to “malathi@cookingcrest.com”

Else through personal email malathibio@gmail.com


Your motivations are my inspiration, kindly share your comments and feed back :-)