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Cucumber Peanut Salad is a healthy chat recipe loaded with a Fat containing Good cholesterol, Cucumber and raw tomatoes to beat summer heat, sprinkling of chat masala and sev enhances the taste of a chat recipe with a final touch of lemon juice. Finely chopped onions helps in burning the extra cholesterol in our body …
Though I cook before marriage I don’t know to make perfect Coffee. We don’t drink coffee at home and my mom rarely  prepares coffee for her by mixing coffee powder, sugar,boiled water and milk. Just make it froth and filter. So NO FILTER coffee in my mom place. After marriage the things are reversed… Everyone …
Solanum nigrum / small fruited Black nightshade is called as  Manathakkali Keerai, Sukkatti Keerai (in village we use this name) in Tamil, Kaakke soppu in Kannada. This plant comes under berry family as they produce a small berry like fruit, black in color. In most of the countries some parts of the plants are called …
Bitter gourd recipes are always an inviting vegetable in my family. So once in a while or weekly once I prefer to cook this vegetable either in gravy form or stir fries. We also make curry/kuzhambu using tamarind which is a traditional recipe in South India. Previously I have posted my MIL recipe and as …
Mushrooms are rich in folic acid and its good for health when added in your regular diet either in the form of curries, gravies, soups, stir fry. Biryani is one of the all time favorite South Indian recipe prepared during most of the festive occasions or in regular cooking. Though the recipes of Pulao and …
This wonder grain used here is called as Horse gram in English,  Kollu in Tamil. It has immense health benefits as they are rich in anti-oxidants. Hope you all would have heard about the rhyming proverb in Tamil “Elachavanukku Ellu and Koluthavanukku kollu” meaning Sesame is for lean/slim body and Horse gram is for plump …
Vadai / Vada is the common term for many variety of snack/savory fritters. South India is very common place for preparing vadai almost in all the occasions and also as tea time snack. Some vadai requires soaking of dals few hours before and some can be made with readily available flours at home. Today my …
This is a very old recipe which I learnt to prepare in my class 8 from my mom. My mother used to prepare this gravy to mix with rice or chapati and sometimes as a travel side dish. Those times we used to cultivate tomatoes and we make lot out of it and per kg varies …
Curry Leaves has vital nutrients that especially works in restoring the strength of hair follicles. Each and every one are concerned about hair growth and proper nutrition for hair. We all could have come across many a forwarded messages regarding the importance of curry leaves which plays an important role on hair growth. Nowadays the …
 Certain vegetables are good and healthy when combined or cooked together. I was surprised when my nephew told that its always good to cook a root vegetable along with a shoot vegetable to be free from formation of gastritis. Am not sure about the truth behind this but his teacher had told and now its more than …

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