3Infants & Toddlers :

The credit for adding kids corner goes absolutely to my kid because these recipes are prepared specially for him. The ingredients of infant recipes are used after consulting with my pediatrician where I did the same for my kid.The recipes posted here are prepared from my own ideas and few from the elders in my family.

Age group for newborn : From birth till 3 months

Age group for Infants/babies : 3 months to 18 months

Age group for Toddler : 18 months to 36 months

Age 3-5 would be Pre schooler, Age 5-9 would be School- aged, Ages 9-12 is tween and 12+ Teens

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Please do read this before going into the recipes.

Things to be noticed before feeding the babies:

1. Pediatrician advice only breastfeeding till 6 months of age.According to WHO,breastfeeding is recommended upto 6 months of age with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods for upto 2 years of age or beyond

2. After 120 days,its time for the taste buds to get introduced with new tastes.Initially introduce clear soups for stimulating their digestive system to get adjusted.Then later puree can be given.

3. Introduce the solid foods slowly after 6 months in small quantities and then increase gradually.when introducing solid foods take care to give soft idlis,dal water,cooked and smashed rice.

4. I was advised to introduce orange juice, vegetable soup, plain curd,tender coconut water measuring about 5-6 tsp for my son.

5. Mostly avoid grinding the food stuffs in a blender when they start teething, as this habit may inhibit the chewing habit.So cook well the food stuff and smash with spoon.

6. Always use fresh and clean vegetables and fruits when cooking for infants.Old vegetables and fruits would have lost their water content and nutrients. When consuming these vegetables/fruits will not provide the adequate nutrition to the baby.

7. Do not compare one child with other in eating habits because what suits for one child may not suite for the other.

8. Only feed the baby when they are hungry. Also do not force feed them as they know their limits and stop when they say in their own way of communication.

9. Take care to introduce all food stuffs within one year of age at-least in a little quantity.Reduce the quantity of salt and sugar to one third of the ratio we consume.So avoid adding sugar and salt to the soups and porridge all the times you feed them.

10. Provide high amount of fat when compared to protein as too much of protein consumption would cause Protein allergy where as protein is required for brain development.

11. If you are a non-vegetarian, start introducing after 9 months.

12. Add moong dal for infants in most of their recipes as they are easily digestible.

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