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Mushrooms….. Yumm!! My all time favorite and now my son is an added member. Mushrooms are richest source of Selenium (protects urinary bladder) and Folic acid (iron). Like humans they produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Yes !! Mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable source of this critical vitamin. White button mushrooms are …
This method of making cauliflower fry is very simple and plain without adding any masala and sauces. I also prefer this method of recipe nowadays to avoid sauces and ketch ups in the menu of my son Previously I have posted a similar method of preparing cauliflower chilli using sauces. This is an easy method …
Paneer is a dairy product derived from milk,where as Tofu is made by coagulating Soy milk. The major difference between these two are Milk Paneer contains more Fat content where as Tofu Paneer doesn’t. Tofu paneer is low in calories and are rich in vitamins, protein and iron content. Tofu is of Chinese origin, whereas …
My measurement to cook for both of us will always be accurate but sometimes it goes extra. Since I always respect each grain of what we eat,I will never waste any food stuffs in most of the situation. In the case of Idli when goes extra make upma out of it with various combinations. But …
Here is an another hit for Potato lovers…yes!! Baby Potato Tikka fry. The term tikka is a type of Indian or Pakistani food. Usually Tikkas are made from the mixture of aromatic spices with a blend of yogurt. This blended masalas are used to marinate the Baby potatoes and fry them in a thick flat …
Cauliflower is one of the favorite veggie or even we can say a cute flower for both group of gender. Out of other dishes made of cauliflower, making chilli gobi/gobi65 would be all time favorite. From my childhood days,when we cultivate cauliflower in our field, my eyes would be eagerly starving for the flower budding …

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