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Thambli is a Mangalorian cuisine which I learnt from a neighbor aunty from the native of Mangalore. She is very health concern, has authentic flavors in her dishes, follows simple steps in the recipes she make and finish up with an authentic touch Thanks Shoba aunty for sharing this such a wonderful recipe which my …
Preparing different types of side dishes for Roti/Chappathi would be great challenge and happy to feel while serving. Though we crave for restaurant style of gravies and oil floating curries on one side on other side we would think something healthy and simple gravies using regular dals or lentils readily ¬†available in kitchen Lentils gravy …
¬†“Don’t Bin left over Food – its better for you second time around” is a wonderful statement from Mail Online. According to the research in American Society, the left-over rice or a day old food is found to have surprising health benefits. This is a traditionally followed method over decades in the villages to prevent …
Mor kuzhmabu is the traditional recipe originated from Kerala which can be called as Buttermilk curry The recipe is usually is prepared with sour curd and grounded coconut where the flavor and aroma of added spices gives the sour curd a great taste. This recipe would be a favorite for most of South Indians and …
My measurement to cook for both of us will always be accurate but sometimes it goes extra. Since I always respect each grain of what we eat,I will never waste any food stuffs in most of the situation. In the case of Idli when goes extra make upma out of it with various combinations. But …
¬†Lemon belong to a citrus family and are richest source of Vitamin C. Making use of lemon in our regular diet boosts up the immune system and it acts as anti-bacterial/viral agents. It aids in weight loss and also acts as liver cleaner.Making variety is an usual recipe to carry in boxes for lunch and …
 When we say dosa,we can finger-out the counts who dislikes it. Dosa is one of the favorite dish for both south Indians and North Indians at the most, as far I have come across people. In the same time I would always love to order Rava dosa in special for my breakfast/dinner menus in hotel. …

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