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This method of making powder out of raw banana is purely originated from kerala. When I was reading an ayurvedic book,I found out this recipe and felt to try out for feeding my little one when he was 8 months. I was in bit confusion how will it work out as am trying for the …
The recipe sukku rasam/dry ginger rasam is a traditional method prepared in village sides of tamilnadu.This rasam is not generally prepared at all times but mainly during winter season as they serves as better remedy for cough and cold. Here we use the spices of masala box as a main course of ingredient. Also this …
Greengram is generally nutritious,sprouted form of moong dal are rich in Vitamin K (essential for blood clotting),Vitamin C (protects cells from free radicals),iron, folate (requires to make healthy blood cells and during first 28 days of pregnancy folate prevents birth defects with brain and spinal cord).This soup is generally suitable for all age groups from …
Ridge gourd tomato chutney is a village style recipe which is prepared regularly as a side dish for idli and dosa. This recipe is very simple to make in very short period of time about 10 minutes. Tomatoes are always available at home so this becomes a regular side dish for idli dosa.Ingredients:Tomatoes -3Ridge gourd …
Kindly read the tips under baby foods  before going into the recipes.After 6 months we start introducing solid foods to babies.Flax-Millet porridge suits best for breakfast. The main ingredient used is Finger millet and Flax seed.Initially start with very less quantity and if it suits the baby then gradually increase the quantity.I have also given down …
Cutlet is a healthy snack made purely with vegetables. Though it is a fried snack,unlike other fritters cutlet does not require too much frying as the vegetables are boiled and cooked already.So cutlets provide a better nutritional supplement for kids when back from school.Ingredients:Potato -2Finely chopped carrot,cabbage -1 cupBeans -5 (optional)Onion -2Red chilli powder -1 …

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