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Paniyaram is one of the very tasty item of Tiffin menus. Also this is one of the famous traditional South Indian special.It is cooked with droplets of oil added in the small holes of the pan. Though some people grind separate batter for making paniyaram, I don’t. Generally after using the idli batter for two …
Carrot is a Vitamin A rich vegetable which has to be introduced for babies/infants in their right age. Start introducing just with carrot in their 7th month and gradually add in other required ingredients. Babies digestive system are are not hard enough to digest all healthy foods,  so trace out the tiny.soft vegetable and try …
 In tamil,this recipe is called as “Arisimparuppu sadam” and is a traditional form of rice prepared in almost 90% of south kitchen. This is a simple recipe,tasty and very nutritious too with a blend of toor dal, carrot,shallots and ghee. This one pot meal serves to be a best ever recipe for bachelors/spinsters where ever …
 Initially I would always stick to one traditional recipe of preparing sambar and it had never worked out good in my cooking. But just because my hubby loves Sambar, I started trying out many experiments of my own, bagged from my Mother in law and few friends. Yes the sambar nowadays turned to be so …
Carrot halwa is one my favorite dessert.The measurement given below is very accurate and it turned out so good. My husband is a best analyzer of tastes and he is not fond of sweets to that extent.He told that’s the halwa tastes good.So I am confident you love to make this simple halwa.Please try out …

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