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Millets are group of small-seeded grasses grown over the world to feed both humans and fodders. Millets were used as our traditional food over the centuries and as decades passed by along with culture changes,their benefits were also vanished. Millets are collectively called as sirudhaniyam in Tamil. Millets serves as a substitute for Rice because …
Red rice is called as Kerala matta rice which has been using from centuries. Red rice and brown rice are the same variety,but depending on the color after processing they are separated. They both are rich in antioxidants and fiber,but differs in nutrient density. Red rice when consumed helps in weight management and enhances immune …
Greengram is generally nutritious,sprouted form of moong dal are rich in Vitamin K (essential for blood clotting),Vitamin C (protects cells from free radicals),iron, folate (requires to make healthy blood cells and during first 28 days of pregnancy folate prevents birth defects with brain and spinal cord).This soup is generally suitable for all age groups from …
Amla being the richest source of Vitamin C can be taken in daily diet when prepared by this way. One of the cheapest fruit which is called as the “Poors mans Apple”.Amla is potent fruit for promoting health and longevity. This is my first post to publish.As a starting note I feel good to give …

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