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This wonder grain used here is called as Horse gram in English,  Kollu in Tamil. It has immense health benefits as they are rich in anti-oxidants. Hope you all would have heard about the rhyming proverb in Tamil “Elachavanukku Ellu and Koluthavanukku kollu” meaning Sesame is for lean/slim body and Horse gram is for plump …
Elaichi or Cardamom is one of the most common spices seen in Indian household and is the Queen of Spices. Cardamom is no wonder a magical Indian spice which is loaded with bundle of health benefits. Its well worth adding cardamom to your food for flavor alone,but their health benefits are also wise to consider …
 “Don’t Bin left over Food – its better for you second time around” is a wonderful statement from Mail Online. According to the research in American Society, the left-over rice or a day old food is found to have surprising health benefits. This is a traditionally followed method over decades in the villages to prevent …
  Basically we all know about the health benefits of eating banana….a household favorite,which has woven itself deeply into human affairs,both gut and mental levels. Like banana is a starch-rich fruit, banana stem also has wide range of medicinal properties in suppressing the oxalate kidney stones. This method of squeezing out water from banana stem …
Sprouts are the germinated seeds of any Legumes or grains.Day by day we concern more and more about the health benefits of each ingredient we consume in our regular diet. To balance the the junk foods that we are tend to intake in situations like get together, team lunch, meetings, parties, kids request, bored of …
 Its really amazing to think how our ancestors discovered every recipes with a scientific health benefit hidden behind each of the recipes prepared. In that, the South Indian lunch menu consisting of sambar,rasam,curd served along with poriyal and appalam contributes all the required essential ingredients in our daily diet. Though this the regular menu items …
Hibiscus Coffee can be called as a herbal coffee with ingredients of the flower, Dhania & Dry ginger each a having better medicinal values. This recipe I can say is purely of my own creation wherein I started to search for the best ingredients which reduces bile ( what you call as “Pitta” in Siddha …
 Urad dal is also called as white lentils or black lentils. Also urad dal is found to be used as major ingredient in Indian cuisine for preparing a healthy diet.Black urad dal/lentil is the whole form of urad dal. There is not much difference between black and white lentils other than the outer husk/covering. In …
 Sundakkai in Tamil is called as the Turkey Berry in English. It is a small tiny vegetable grown usually in house garden which has vital nutritional benefits. This fruit can be consumed/cooked either in the fresh form plucked from the plant or else in dried form. As you all know it is always to take …
  Like water salt is an essential ingredient required for human body. Over many decades in our family our ancestors are habit-ed in using the crystal salt in their regular diet and we continue with the same habit in our kitchen. I wanted to learn something about the nutritional fact behind their usage. As you …

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