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┬áSugars are the substances that are added in our food to induce taste. Sugar is called as sucrose and is a carbohydrate which naturally occurs in every fruit and vegetable of plant kingdom. Our taste buds gets naturally addicted to these sugars making a feel that certain food cannot be consumed without their presence by …
Figs are called as Atthipalam in tamil and Anjeer in Hindi. They are the richest source of many nutrients but particularly rich in Calcium, fiber and antioxidants. Honey is good natural energy source, immunity builder and good for digestion. consuming fig directly is not that interesting because its quite hard to eat. when taken fig …
Amla being the richest source of Vitamin C can be taken in daily diet when prepared by this way. One of the cheapest fruit which is called as the “Poors mans Apple”.Amla is potent fruit for promoting health and longevity. This is my first post to publish.As a starting note I feel good to give …

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