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The seeds are rich in protein and are oldest cultivated legume. They are also called as Bengal gram or gram.There are three colors of chickpeas available (black -Desi,  Kabuli – light colored, green – common in Maharashtra). You can use any variety of chick pea to prepare this sundal. This is also one among the …
This is a traditional recipe which is prepared only in village sides. Yes…because the dried form of this pigeon pea is not available in market/super market. We usually get it from sandhai ( place where farmers sell their cultivated goods). I love this pigeon pea in fresh form. Just pressure cook with salt and eat…. …
Thattai payir is also called as Karamani and Cowpea in English. Making sundal is a healthy evening snack for all age groups. Karamani sundal tastes good when prepared with dried form of cowpeas.Health benefits include the reduction of plasma cholesterol levels,rich in antioxidants,good for diabetic patients and also it is low in fat and calories.Ingredients …

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