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Homemade butter will be my best choice always specially for its great aroma and flavor. Though we get ready made butter in shops, try these simple steps at our home to prepare your special cup of real butter. Here I have used the green color Nandhini (like aavin in Coimbatore) milk. Though we get blue,green …
Dhania powder or coriander seeds powder is a basic ingredient required to prepare most of the gravies and curries. The aroma of this roasted and blended powder adds a flavored touch to all the dishes where ever they are added. Rather than to call this post a recipe,I just wanted to note it as a …
Rasam powder adds the aroma and taste to the rasam always. So preparing rasam without rasam powder would not taste better at any cost. This is a traditional style of rasam powder which is prepared over decades in Coimbatore. Here is the recipe and once prepared can be stored in air tight containers for months. …

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