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  This recipe of grinding batter for aapam requires complete coconut milk and coconut water. Aapam is one of the pleasant traditional recipe from the state of Kerala. It is usually served either with kadalai curry or coconut milk mixed with sugar/Jaggery. But the choice of side dish varies in each palette. Usually aapam recipe is …
Red rice is called as Kerala matta rice which has been using from centuries. Red rice and brown rice are the same variety,but depending on the color after processing they are separated. They both are rich in antioxidants and fiber,but differs in nutrient density. Red rice when consumed helps in weight management and enhances immune …
I have posted earlier the method of making powder out of raw nendran banana. This Nendran banana powder though used for many purpose,at the most used to prepare porridge for babies from their 7th onwards. This porridge is highly nutritious for the growing buds. Please refer to the baby care tips for further concerns. Ingredients:  Nendran banana powder – 2 …
Mango is the king of fruits…and season of mangoes started as of now. We find raw mangoes in basket full everywhere. Being a mango lover I started my purchase and tasting mango varieties. After using a raw mango,half was left out and was thinking so much what to prepare with that. We usually make tamarind …
This method of making powder out of raw banana is purely originated from kerala. When I was reading an ayurvedic book,I found out this recipe and felt to try out for feeding my little one when he was 8 months. I was in bit confusion how will it work out as am trying for the …

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