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 This bitter gourd gravy is one of my favorite dish since my childhood. My mom always prepares this recipe whenever we buy bitter gourd. This is quite different with combined taste of bitterness along with tangy and spicy masala added. This recipe can be served to mix with plain rice also suits well for curd …
    Spinach gravy posted here is a traditional method which can be used to prepare any type of greens whether you get from fields as weeds (Mulai keerai/amaranthus blitum/edible amaranth) or from market in the name of arakeerai (spleen amaranth), sirukeerai (Tropical amaranth), Pasalai keerai (Palak),….and many more. As we all know spinach /greens …
 Its really amazing to think how our ancestors discovered every recipes with a scientific health benefit hidden behind each of the recipes prepared. In that, the South Indian lunch menu consisting of sambar,rasam,curd served along with poriyal and appalam contributes all the required essential ingredients in our daily diet. Though this the regular menu items …
Sirukeerai kadaiyal is a traditional recipe which is prepared in villages from decades back.This recipe is a source originated from my forefathers period and we do follow this recipe in our place for rice during lunch. So I don’t want to miss in sharing this recipe in my blog. Sirukeerai is called as Tropical Amaranth …

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