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Sivappu thandu keerai is called as Red Amaranth or generally Red spinach in english. This spinach are the richest source of Vitamin A,B6, K and C,also good source of folate and minerals.They are richest source of protein more than 30% in wheat, rich in dietary fiber,amino acid lysine( potential element in cancer treatment). They also …
Beetroot is a tuber and are richest source of nitrates, which helps to reduce blood pressure.Beetroot contains large amount of soluble fibers and also acts as antioxidant in preventing the deposition if bad cholesterol in the artery walls.They helps to treat anemia and acts as extra energy boosters in pregnant women.Ingredients :Beetroot -1 cupDry red …
Elephant Foot Yam is called as Senai kilzhangu in Tamil, Suran in Hindi. They are edible tubers and safely consumed by diabetic people.They are good for women as they increases estrogen levels in maintaining a normal hormonal balance. Since they are high in Vitamin B6,provides relief from Pre-Menstural syndrome(PMS). Consumption reduces irregular bowel movements, cure …
 Brinjal is high in water content and Potassium.They are used as remedy for cancer, hypertension and diabetes.Brinjal has the ability to bring down the cholesterol to a greater extent and also stabilizes the blood sugar level.Potato is rich in carbohydrate , less in Protein and are easy to digest.This property makes good diet for babies.They …
Tender coconut water seems to be a very good source of calcium, copper……. After drinking the water the remaining coconut inside goes waste often. Here is a spicy recipe to use the left over coconut which would serve as  a better evening crunchy. Ingredients: Tender coconut pieces – 2 cup Pepper powder -3 tsp Red …

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