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Bitter gourd recipes are always an inviting vegetable in my family. So once in a while or weekly once I prefer to cook this vegetable either in gravy form or stir fries. We also make curry/kuzhambu using tamarind which is a traditional recipe in South India. Previously I have posted my MIL recipe and as …
Banana is the healthiest of all fruits which are packed with nutrients that are good for your heart, your diet,mood and your eyes.  It provides variety of minerals and vitamins where as also rich in Dietary fiber and potassium and adequate amount of magnesium too. They are also said to be good source of Vitamin …
Kachayam is the traditional sweet recipe of South India,mainly in the regions of Tamilnadu. The simple recipe of Kachayam is blend with ripen bananas and all purpose flour (maida) along with added sugar for its sweetness, but the recipe posted here is quite twist with soaked whole wheat grinded along with the aroma of jaggery and …
Potato is a root vegetable where we can call it as kids favorite. This recipe of frying potato is my all time favorite since childhood. The day I entered kitchen I prepare this fry myself and its that simple too. You can call this a skids friendly recipe because of its less spice and crispy …
Red Sorghum is called as Sivappu chollam and is one of the traditional grain which has wide range of health benefits. It is really advisable to grind these type of healthy batter at-least weekly once whenever we grind Idli/Dosa batter. Though we feel Idli is healthy and soft diet, these type of healthy recipes are …
  Sprouts are one among the richest source of protein foods which provides plenty of nutritional benefits. I have mentioned in my earlier posts about the ” Health benefits of Sprouts “. Here I have posted a very very simple simple recipe which I learned from one of my sisters friend Yuvarani. She was working …
    Spinach gravy posted here is a traditional method which can be used to prepare any type of greens whether you get from fields as weeds (Mulai keerai/amaranthus blitum/edible amaranth) or from market in the name of arakeerai (spleen amaranth), sirukeerai (Tropical amaranth), Pasalai keerai (Palak),….and many more. As we all know spinach /greens …
  This is a small tip for storing the aromatic spices to use when preparing gravies and Biryani. My sister (Anitha)suggested me to try out and you can ask “we add full clove and cinnamon when preparing these kind of dishes and why do we need this??? I asked the same question and reply was …
DSC06147 copy
Preparing carrot dosa in a procedural process is quite long and that would be a time consuming process. You can consider this post as a small tip or even a quick recipe that can be cooked in our daily regular menu. Being a South our regular menu would be dosa/Idly/paniyaram and so on with what …
  This recipe of making a sweet chutney with the raw mango from my friend Archana (where she got from one of her friend from Maharastra). So this is purely a recipe of Maharastra. This can be eaten just like that with a spoon stored in a box keeping it on the refrigerator and enjoy …

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